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As you know we've added quite a few new people to our roster of wrestlers this year. As can be expected with these guys the ego's are all over the place. (SHOCKER!) They each think they are the best, strongest, hottest, most popular wrestler here at Thunder's.

At the end of the day what they think doesn't even matter. We want to hear what YOU think! Who else know's these guys better than you, the fans? We launched a survey that is running only until  January 15   to see what you guys really think about Thunder's and its guys. Take advantage before it is too late and make sure your vote gets counted!

Fan Survey

So far Scrappy is leading the race with more than 25% of the votes. Tank's shredded physique and Blayne's pretty boy looks are tied in 2nd place giving Scrappy a run for his money. Hurry up and vote before Scrappy runs off with the title of Rookie of the Year! Lots of hot competition to choose from make sure YOUR FAVORITE makes it to the top.

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