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Introducing Tank

Welcome the newest recruit to Thunder's Arena.  He is a brutal powerlifter and bodybuilder and bouncer.  He has 3 years of high school wrestling then ran off to join the military.  He fell in love with lifting since he was 15 years old and even started bouncing at bars before 21 as he used his fake ID to get the job.  He really likes to hurt people for fun and takes no prisoners when it comes to anything physical, he goes 100%. He brings a whole new level of domination to the arena, that is scary.  He has won several bodybuilding contest and really looks forward to humiliating anyone he can come across.  He told us flat out, "I want to dominate and intimidate anyone who crosses my path, they need to think twice before ever locking up with me I will make them wish they never met me."

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  • Rick on

    Tank is amazing. His physique is inspiring and obviously the product of countless hours in the gym. I’d offer to wrestle him, but likely would be severely bruised in the encounter. Like others here, I would buy anything that features him posing and wrestling. I hope he sticks around because he’s easy on the eyes.

  • Talloj on

    Guys, you hit it out of the park with Tank!! He is the ultimate muscle domination master. I love his videos and will buy everyone you produce. You should make a video with Tank vs. Tak, that would be aweosme! Thanks and keep adding guys like Tank.

  • AJ on

    Amazing. And damn, I can only imagine this guy in the military . I beta ll he had to do was walk around shirtless in army fatigues and he could scare all the bad guys off! Who the hell would mess with that?

  • Noho78 on

    Love TANK! Would love to see him in a Big vs Little match against FLACO or Marco, or anyone skinny so he can torture them with bearhugs and dominate them!

  • Chris on

    Tank is Big Strong Bodybuilder I wanna see Tank grabs and gives some gorilla presses to taller skinny guys than him like God of Muscles

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