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New Filming Day with Famous Underwear Model

Introducing Raptor a former male model currently football player for a major college team.  He contacted Mr. Mike asking to try out for thunder's because he heard so many great things about it from fans who where his friends.  Raptor is a former high school wrestler as well but he really made his mark when he started modeling at 18 years old.  He has been featured in several major campaigns like UnderArmor, Calvin Klien, and many other brands.  You might have even purchased some UnderArmor shorts with his body on the box!  He was hurt really bad in football this...

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Scrappy vs Jake - photos he didn't want you to see.

Scrappy gets very protective of his image and during his match with Jake he kept getting put into weird holds that made him feel uncomfortable about how he was going to look to the fans.  He kept running over to the photographer and asking if he could delete certain shots, because they made him look bad.  These are those photos he hated from Scrappy vs Jake.

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