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scrappy flexes over blayne in thunders arena

Scrappy vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 45

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Scrappy starts of this match flexing to himself in the mirror while getting ready for his match against Blayne. Scrappy's in a feisty mood and ready to absolutely rock this match! Scrappy comes onto the mat making fun of Blayne, full of trash talking and degrading comments. He immediately wraps Blayne into a bearhug to listen to him scream, squeezing him with every ounce of power he can muster, lifting him up and off the mat. After a round of posing his sculpted musculature, Scrappy mounts Blayne, pushing him hard into the canvas and actually doing pushups over him to humiliate him! Scrappy grabs Blayne by the hair and yanks him back up, throwing him against the wall to start a vicious round of gut punching. As Blayne is reeling from the assault, Scrappy dominates a test of strength, before lifting him up into a double chokehold, driving him back and into the arena wall!  Scrappy's going all out and not even giving Blayne the chance to breathe. As Blayne's standing there dazed and confused, Scrappy holds him against the wall for more gut punches, burying his fists into the chiseled six pack of Blayne. After knocking Blayne to the ground Scrappy poses dominantly above him, before he wraps his head up in a headscissors, further cutting off Blayne's airway. Scrappy is loving this domination side of wrestling, and does some sit ups while trash talking the writhing Blayne. Scrappy continues to add insult to injury, posing and flexing his biceps in Blaynes face as his agonizes in the hold. Showing even more ego and arrogance, Scrappy releases the hold to continue his own personal posedown, flexing over his pained opponent before scooping him up for a vicious torture rack, bending Blayne backwards over his muscular shoulders, before continuing the spinal assault with a vicious over the knee backbreaker submission. Showing true unrelenting aggression, Scrappy drives his forearms and elbows into Blaynes exposed midsection. Scrappy continues to dominate, using a chokehold to violently pull Blayne to his feet before locking in a sleeper hold, cutting off the flow of blood to his brain. Scrappy flexes his muscular biceps to tighten the hold, slowly bringing Blayne back down towards the mat below. With Blayne seemingly down for the count, Scrappy opts to humiliate him even more, doing pushups over his beaten and broken body. Not yet content with the levels of punishment dished out, Scrappy actually wakes Blayne up to administer more pain! As Blayne comes to, Scrappy locks in another dangerously tight sleeper hold, showing off his muscled up arms as he puts Blayne to sleep yet again! This is a match where you get to see Scrappy like never before! Looking absolutely huge and vicious, Scrappy is dominating from start to finish!