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Tank vs Kid Titan - Bodybuilder Battle 102

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Kid Titan is back to take on a recent addition to Thunder’s roster – the massive Tank!  This match was first released in Thunder TV, but we had SO many requests to release it that, well, here it is!Tank is a competitive bodybuilder who loves nothing more than to use his size to over power and obliterate opponents!  Today he’s taking on Kid Titan – no stranger to the gym himself, and with a lot more experience at Thunder’s!  With two such awesome physical specimens on the same mat, egos flare and the two trash talk each other, trying to establish alpha dominance!  Tank has a BIG size advantage over Kid Titan, but Kid doesn’t look worried as he pulls Tank into a lock up.  Tank goes low and gets a double leg takedown on Kid Titan, yanking his shorts off to reveal Kid’s tight red trunks – Tank is clearly in a mood to rassle!  Tank slaps a full nelson on Kid.  “What are you gonna do?”  Kid starts flexing out!  “Ok, you got a little bit of power there” Tank throws Kid Titan to the mat.  Kid lifts the muscle mountain up into an over the shoulder gut buster, before slamming him back to the mat!  Kid Titan challenges Tank to a game of Mercy – BIG MISTAKE!  Tank asserts his strength in a BIG way as he crushes and twists Kid’s hands!  Tank invites Kid to attack him, but fakes him out – Kid tumbles to the mat and Tank pounces, getting him in a BRUTAL Boston Crab!  “How does it feel to have a Tank on top o ya?”  Kid is screaming into the mat as his spine is crushed and warped by the behemoth!Tank is loving every second of this as he releases the hold, eager to inflict more damage to Kid Titan.  Kid takes a moment to flex his impressive arms, enraging Tank!  The massive muscle hunk scoops Kid up over his huge traps, before dumping Kid Titan down to the mat.  Tank follows up with a nelson into a PULVERISING body scissor that has Kid screaming!  Tank is like an oncoming storm, unrelenting in his need to destroy anything and everything in his path! Kid desperately tries to escape, but to no avail.  Tank increases the pressure, but Kid amazingly refuses to give in!  Tank gets cocky, turning his back to Kid and daring him to “try something”.  Kid Titan is in awe of Tank’s widescreen lats, but he’s brought back to Earth with a bump when Tank whirls around, grabs him in a bearhug and throws him down – Kid Titan has NEVER been manhandled like this!  He’s not out yet though as a low blow and a DDT bring him back into the fight! Tank concentrates his fire on Kid Titan’s weakened back with elbow drops and splashes, his hulking frame crashing down on Kid Titan’s spine!  Kid Titan fires back with moves of his own, including a sidewalk slam that pummels those massive lats!  Takedowns, slams, HUGE BEARHUGS, chokes, gut bashing and a nasty leg lock are just some of the holds these mat masters use to destroy each other with!  The end of this match was unfortunately lost due to technical difficulties, but that doesn’t detract from the all-out muscle war that these two bring to the mat!  Will skill and experience win the day?  Or will it be power and strength in the spotlight?  One thing’s for sure – whatever the outcome, you – the viewers – win!