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The Return of...

Can you guess who this mass monster is?

He returns this Sunday!

Make your guess in the comments below and let us know who you want him to wrestle!

  • J on

    Can Dolf have a rematch again Finn McCool with lots of pec flexing/domination and sleepers

  • Ty on

    Looks like Chance. An old favorite. Joey McCoy needs to “welcome” him back and make sure Chance understands size and big muscles no longer mean dominance.

  • Josh on

    Dolf! He should wrestle Hero, and/or Kevlar. Would love to see him dominated by someone cocky

  • N on

    Yes! Dolf!
    Dom9 bubblebutt battle!

  • Mark on

    Looks like Dolf. Wrestle in the pool with Regan?

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