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Sparrow vs Dom9 - a thank you shout out!

Recently we filmed a custom video and the fan requested Dom9 vs Sparrow, what an excellent choice, right!  This film day was filled with surprises like Sparrow motor boating Dom9 in an extremely private area!  Plus Sparrow got so excited he fell out of his shorts a few times and we had to use the bouncing smiley face to cover up his manhood.  So this match is well beyond the normal NO HOLDS BARRED we see with Sparrow and Dom9 it somehow became crazier and wild.  We can't wait until the editor gets it all done because it's going to be released as soon as we can of course we have to get it to the custom buyer first :) 

Dom9 and Sparrow enjoyed doing this match so much and were greatful to have the chance to make this match they did a special Thank you to the buyer of the custom for making it possible for them to do what they love!

Sparrow Day drinking with Dom9

Flexing together

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