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DVD maker/printer dies

Dear. Valued Thunders Arena Fan,

We have been trying to get DVDs made and in the mail to everyone as fast as possible but as of this morning (12/19/20) I regret to inform you all that the equipment that creates our DVDs has finally broken.  We joked it was a fitting end to 2020 to our long used robot friend.  

Plus, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we discovered we are not able to get the equipment repaired in any timely manner to be able make your DVD order before Christmas or any time soon.

We are aware that this is very inconvenient in the holiday season, and we deeply apologize that we cannot fulfill any DVD orders, but COVID has definitely made getting parts and repairs done a lot harder and take MUCH LONGER. No fault of ours or yours we are just deeply sad we can not get your matches out on DVD.

When we can get the DVD production up and working again? Right now they are telling us it could be as late as Jan 25th 2021 before we can make DVDs. So again, our deepest apologies and reminder to place a download order instead or wait until after Jan 2021 for us to resume DVD production and replace your DVD orders again.

It's so sad that our DVD maker died. We still hope you're having a Merry Christmas.  Please do not purchase any DVD orders with us as we won't be able to make them until Feb 2021.   We just wanted everyone to be informed and as always downloads are working GREAT so feel free to enjoy those.   

Happy Holidays
Team Thunders Arena.

  • Alan Penfold on

    Hi T.A. Very sad to hear that as i was so looking forward to geting the 3dvds that i paid for at christmas time or start of the new year at the latest . And i cant do/get download so thats no help to me . Hope you can add one or two dvds for me as that will make up for the big disapiontment of having to wait so long . May be a marco and a scrappy dvd would be very generous of you as i dont have the money to order more and more dvds . Thanks . I hope you all had a good christmas and wish you all a very Happy New Year. Keep Well . Best Wishes. Mr.Alan Penfold.

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