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Coming Soon In August 2019

Our first ever Double Feature Bodybuilder Battle match will be released, showcasing matches with a few of our best studs! Be on the look out for this match, you won't want to miss BB138

Also on the way, we have a super steamy No Holds Barred match up between Thunder Arena favorites Scrappy and Aspen! Watch the epic promo below for a sneak peek of NHB170..

Summer may be coming to an end, but don't worry! There's still more fun in the pool coming your way, with a wet Water Wars matchup between Iceman18, and Finn McCool. Checkout the promo below to see the two muscle hunks fight it out in WW8!

Enjoyed the two new promos? Leave us a comment on what you thought, also let us know which wrestlers you'd like to see battle it out in the pool next!

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  • Oz on

    Oh f*ck I can’t believe I left out the Aspen Scrappy preview! All I can say is f*ck yes give me more!

  • Oz on

    OMG so glad to see Cap back in full force! He’s one of my favorite newbies for sure with his cocky attitude and his adorable sexy country boy good looks. I love seeing him get dominated by the big guys although I wouldn’t mind seeing him destroy a smaller opponent. I hope he sticks around for a while and definitely love to see him in the pool soaking wet. And Finn is back too? What a treat! He’s sexy in his own right with his unassuming demeanor and rugged attractiveness. Oh and Iceman just oozes sexy out of every pore in his beautiful body. It looks like he gets really turned on in his matches and that turns me on too! Keep up the great work TA, there’s a reason you’re my favorite wrestling company!

  • N on

    NICE!iceman trunks!

    next please Dolf (;_;)

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