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Stallion Coming Soon in August 2019

Bull is looking better and better for his upcoming compittion for bodybuilding.   Please remember to support his efforts by downloading his videos.  He's a new bodybuilder to our show but the more you show him some love by getting his matches the more we can bring him in to film.  Plus he is the guy who recruited Stallion to come try out for our show!  


Check out this other sneak peak PROMO for MORE Stallions matches coming soon in August!  Please tell us your reactions to BULL and STALLION as new bodybuilders in the show by leaving comments below!  


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  • Jerry Aurand on

    I concur with lamar cantos and ditto with Gabriel. I recommend Blayne and Scrappy.

  • José Manuel on

    How how heavy are them?

  • Gabriel on

    Love them but expect them to be dominated by a smaller guy for a change, there are less and less fights were David get to slay Goliath. Hope te company hear me out since a lot of clients have the same preference as me.

  • lamar cantos on

    We definitely a muscle worship battle between Stallion and Jake as well as Stallion and Bull.

  • Leonal on

    August needs to come sooner! Agree with Jon, these are close contenders to JB’s legacy. Bull vs Stallion already!

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