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Thunder Bolt Blog - News Flashes from Thunder's Arena

Christmas in Las Vegas?

Eagle vs Mac a former WWE NXT wrestler now wrestling for Thunder's ArenaOH wow what a great way to celebrate Mr. Mike's Birthday then spend a few days in December filming new custom video requests and knock out a few more matches like Eagle vs Mac or Eagle vs Iceman or watch for the new custom where Mac and Eagle join up to blame Blayne for the destruction of a hotel room.  All filmed just a few days ago during Christmas time in Las Vegas.  So this is a very unique chance to see the guys do battle...

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Look at all the reviews!


This is crazy that just 10 years ago we started this little adventure and now look at all the positive reviews everyone has left on our web site!  

We wanted to remind everyone about our monthly contest!  IF you leave a review, on a video you purchased, you automaticly get entered into our contest to get the full price of your video, you reviewed, refunded in full.

That's right leave a review, win a full refund of your original purchase price of that video!  If selected as this months winner!...

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It's been a banner year for Custom Videos!

Custom Videos available at Thunders ArenaWow, we want to PERSONALLY thank the 17 men who made custom videos with our company this year as we set an all time NEW record!   The athletes in our show LOVE to do them and see how creative our fans can get with their situations they put them in and how awesome fun it is to act out someone else's idea of what a Thunder's Arena match should be like.  

WATCH this week as we will be releasing ONE new custom match per day...

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Do Fans really want Ludwig back?

Ludwig bicep flexing in ring pro wrestlingWe got a call few weeks ago from Ludwig asking to come back and wrestle, and Mr. Mike (executive producer of Thunder's) did invite him back to wrestle again.  The problem was Mr. Mike wasn't sure if we should do a bunch more matches with him because he wasn't sure if you the fans like Ludwig?  So he only did 2 more matches with him.  

Tell us below if you liked Ludwig and if so why?  So we can tell Mr. Mike if you are interested in...

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Viking recruits his old tag team buddy

Blayne choked on the ring ropesYou may or may not know that Viking used to do a little Indy wrestling back in the day and he recently got ahold of his old tag team partner, Mac and got him to come in and work for Thunder's.  

Mac is 6' 4" and 225 lbs at 31 years old he has been a football player and pro wrestler for the last 4 years.  He has a passion for helping people and runs his own gym where he's famous for his weight loss programs and helping...

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