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Casons buddy does a try out for Thunder's

Sean Gains (aka Cap will be his Thunder wrestling name) wants to come join the Thunder roster so Mr. Mike gave him his first try out match against Blayne. Sean is 5' 10" and 175 lbs at 19 years old.  He wrestled 4 years in high school wrestling and did 2 years freestyle wrestling.  He's not out spoken but he lets his moves do the talking.  Tell us what your first impressions are on these photos.

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  • andrewkoban on

    Cap is a keeper. Would love to see a ball claw from viking or part 3 vs cason.

  • Gary on

    Cap will be a welcome addition to the Thunders wrestler roster.

  • Don on

    He is a keeper. I agree that he looks like the perfect jobber. Maybe tagging up with Scrappy against one of the big guys. Love the small posers.

  • Bruce on

    Have to agree with MF and Nel – looks like jobber meat for Cason, Steel & Viking. He’s a keeper.

  • MF on

    Looks like a jobber waiting for punishment from the BIG dudes at Thunders! Can’t wait for Mark Muscle, Steel or Wildcard to make him suffer!

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