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Do Fans really want Ludwig back?

Ludwig bicep flexing in ring pro wrestlingWe got a call few weeks ago from Ludwig asking to come back and wrestle, and Mr. Mike (executive producer of Thunder's) did invite him back to wrestle again.  The problem was Mr. Mike wasn't sure if we should do a bunch more matches with him because he wasn't sure if you the fans like Ludwig?  So he only did 2 more matches with him.  

Tell us below if you liked Ludwig and if so why?  So we can tell Mr. Mike if you are interested in bringing him back...  If you didn't like him be honest and tell us that stuff too, we just like to hear from our fans so we can make the matches you LOVE to watch.  YOU OPINION matters take the time to tell us below.  

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  • Rita on

    Absolutely! Amazing physique and body!
    He needs skimpier clothes for us too!

  • GR on

    Ludwig…I think he has real possibilities. His face is very attractive, and his physique is to die for. Physically, the only thing that is a negative for me is that his legs and ass are too hairy for me. I like ’em smooth and unblemished! When it comes to wrestling he needs to learn to suffer better and find the right wrestlers who can put him in some slow holds and work on some of those muscles. For an opponent go for someone who could be considered a “bad guy” maybe about the same size or little smaller who can dominate him and enjoy those muscles.

  • Oz on

    Not sure if the voting is still open on this question, but my vote is a resounding yes! Obviously he’s hot, super sexy, etc, but what I like most is his special brand of sh!t talk. He has a way with words few at TA can contend with. He’s so articulate in how he describes what he’s doing to his opponent. He dominates both physically and verbally… such a turn on!

  • Denis on

    More Ludwig. Thunder Men each stand out in their own way. It makes it all the more fun when two different looks mix it up. For me, Ludwig’s look has the appeal of the Schwarzenegger era of bodybuilding. He could have stepped right out of “Pumping Iron.” I’d like to see him in more matches using his mass and density to rebuff attacks without breaking into a sweat.

  • Ludwig’s Number One Fan on

    Is this even a question. Yes we all love him!!! His physique is unmatched and he’s got personality. Let him headlock and headscissor more though. I feel like he could make Scrappy cry. Lol actually I know he could. So keep Ludwig!!

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