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Happy New Year 2018! We want to know your favorites!

Happy New Year from Thunder's Arena Wrestling

Happy New Year!  Thank you for the BEST year Thunder's arena has have ever!  We had over 716,918 visitors to our web site this year!  That is up 27% from last year!  Plus we have over at 68% repeat customer rate that is up 13% from last year so this tells us you like what you see and keep coming back for more!  

We want to hear from you!  

We want to hear what your favorite match was from 2017?

Who was your favorite wrestler from 2017?

What was your favorite style of match or style of gear the guys wore from 2017?

We want to get a bunch of feedback on what we did right in 2017 and which wrestlers we should be bringing back to film again into 2018.  

Why should we film certain wrestlers again?  

So please take the time to give us your feedback about the great stuff you enjoyed in 2017 and would like us to improve and do again into 2018 in the comments below.  

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  • musclehag on

    This is my first time on this site. I discovered it as I was surfing for bodybuilder wrestling videos. Yeah, as my name implies, I love muscle. I was particularly glad to see you have Mutant in your roster. I first saw him on another wrestling site. He’s my favorite bodybuilder/wrestler by far. Hope to see more of him this year.

  • Patrick on


  • steve on

    I love the big guys and would like to see more big bodybuilders take on other big bodybuilders. Im amazed my Mountain size and wrestling and would like to see him take on, Jonny Bravo, Mark Muscle, Brian Cage and Brute. Also bring back Conan and Speciman

  • Cagefan on

    My favorite wrestler from 2017 is the massive Mountain! WOW, you could not have picked a better name. My favorite mat match from 2017 is Mountain vs CJS. Two massive men going at it, and to see CJS get a head scissor, bear hug, and sleeper the massive Mountain was awesome!! Second place was Brute and Beast in Ring Wars, best use of the ring/ropes ever. Wrestlers I’d like to see back for 2018 is Beast, Dolf, Steel, Brute, Mack, Mark Muscle, Tank, CJS, Brian Cage, Johnny Bravo, and especially Mountain. I am dying to see Mountain take on heavyweights, and the matches of the century would be Mountain vs Johnny Bravo or Brian Cage! I think everyone would pay more for matches to get Mountain back from England, LOL. Not sure if you are having old wrestlers come back but Mutant, Kyle Stevens, and Specimen were always my favorite. For 2018, I would like to see more heavyweight battles, and I love that you guys use a wrestling ring for Ring Wars. I also like when you used to give highlights of upcoming matches in your blog to keep us excited for what’s coming. Also maybe in your blog, you could let us know who is coming back, and we could give you ideas who we’d like to see them wrestle? You guys are the best wrestling website, and I can’t wait to see what comes in 2018!!

  • Paul on

    Would love to see more big men taking on big men. The Mountain against Brian Cage, Jonny Bravo, Brute or Speciman would make interesting matches and excellent viewing

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