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New pro wrestlers filming today

We are in route right now to film Brute and Joey King with 2 new pro wrestlers in a ring.  Please tel is what you think in the comments below and give us some ideas for the names you think they should have?  

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  • Bruce on

    I like CageFan’s suggestions. Showtime and Bruiser. “Showtime” looks like a Marco sort of cocky talker type and “Bruiser” looks like he’d be competitive with all of the big guys such as Cason and Steel.

  • AH on

    Action Jaxon for the first guy and Beardo for the other one

  • CageFan on

    The wrestler with the jacket – Domino or Showtime. The smirk on his face says i’m ready to show off. The bearded wrestler – Bruiser. He’s got the size and skill to take on anyone. Can’t wait to see these guys bring their pro wrestling experience to Thunders especially in the ring! Love to see the bearded guy take on heavyweights like CJS, Tank, Dolf, Beast, Mark Muscle.

  • Nel on

    (gee, the one with the beard looks very familiar…) Mambo and Jack Hammer

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