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New Wrestler Discovered!

Hi everyone, let me introduce to you the newest wrestling superstar rookie for 2018, CASON a 6'1" muscle stud who weighs in at 234 lbs and is 20 years old.  He is from the same hometown, middle America as STEEL.  They are workout partners and he recently decided he wanted to try and learn how to wrestle.  So STEEL called up Mr. Mike and said he has got a new recruit ready to go this year.  Mr. Mike's response was, "He's perfect and what the hell is in the water in your hometown?  That makes super muscle guys."  See Jake, Steel, and Cason all come from the same small town and all 3 workout together all during high school together massively big.  Well it's working out great for Thunder's Arena Fans as we filmed CASON wrestling in 5 new matches yesterday.  We filmed him wrestling Scrappy, Steel, Kid Romeo, Blayne, and Marco.  This kid is massive but he also has the heart of lion, he took some serious cardio abuse and dished out brutal punishments that you are going to love to watch on film!  Tell us what you think your first impression is about the new rookie below.

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  • Rod on

    Wow Cason is one hot guy becoming one of my favourites. But Steel is definitely my favourite on here what an amazing hot looking guy he is. I’m bodybuilder in my 40’s weighting 210lbs 5’ 9" of solid muscle and meet other guys for matches from pro to sub matches in the UK. Would love to take on Steel or Cason in a match up if I’m ever over in the US . I may be older than them but I’d certainly make them sweat and submit big time. Can I ask if you do custom matches or senorios suggested by fans on here as I would love to see Steel mixing it up in a slugfest going toe to toe with the Likes of Travis, Cason, Eagle (even though he’s left) , Chase, Marco, Jake, or Blayne on here would be hot to see Steel knocking these guys out in a slugfest etc.

  • Damien on

    I’m a HUGE 20 y/o Bodybuilder, Cason would be a cool Big Muscled Partner in Crime on Spring Break, getting attention and action everywhere. Clubs, bar, beach, hotels, just walkin down the street to the hotel, and get picked up. Few times I didn’t get back to the hotel for 3 days, so horny and easy to meet sluts or other big ass muscle guys. We need to CAM, skype n meet for mutual pickin up sluts n tag team/share sessions.

  • aiadasgr on

    i would like to wrestle him
    very strong body

  • tommbh on

    Hot !! Would love to see him against Jake and get his head crushed in Jakes massive thighs and sleepered over and over again!!

  • Digi on

    AMAZING!! Hope to see him squashing Steel & getting 1-sided squashed himself!

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