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Vegas Report - 16 matches done in 2 days!

Cason flexing
We are exhausted and excited!  We knocked out some of the greatest footage we have ever filmed in just 2 days!  First off we want everyone to please have Finn in your prayers as he was not able to come to this filming session due to a death in his family.  Still the show went on and we had several of our flights coming in delayed for the wrestlers due to the recent tropical storm and we got off to a very late start since weather put us back so some of these matches were actually filmed at 1 AM in the morning because certain wrestlers flights didn't get in until midnight.  Then we all woke up bright and early the next day to get a ton of matches done before we all went to eat at Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas.  It was overwhelming to do 16 matches back to back to back for 2 days.  Plus some the guys went out the first night so we got off to a slower start the next day as everyone tried to recover.  Here are some photo previews of what is coming to get you excited about all our hard work!  Plus want to put out a huge shout out to our "Film Sponsors" who helped make this Vegas trip happen!  We all can not thank you enough for your support and help.  You are going to find some awesome surprises in your matches that we did for everyone!  

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  • Gymrat27 on

    Great photos. Steels arms look big enough to allow him to destroy anyone.

  • leonal on

    Steel looks HUGE in the video! can’t wait to see his matches!

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