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What if we took away video previews?

Iceman18 head scissors big Mack at thunder's arena.
We want to get your feedback.  One thing we want to do is increase the amount of people watching Thunder TV and one of the ways we were thinking about doing it was to put out EVERY promo we have ever done (750 plus promos) onto the web site but then only allow the people that have a membership to Thunder TV be able to access all the video promos.  It's a way of us adding value to Thunder TV and while the so many people watch our video promos but never buy.  Thunder TV is very affordable already at around a $1 per day so was curious to get your feedback about this idea?  What do you think in the comments below?

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  • Sam on

    I want to see the previews

  • Hans on

    I don’t find the video previews very good to begin with, and I would feel very cheated if I found them behind a paywall (I tried Thunder TV and hated it and previews would not have made it better). The preview videos are way too short to give a good overview of the scene, and the music is terrible and distracting. Your competitors do much better preview videos (by which I mean that after I watch them I feel confident enough that I will like the scene that I buy the video).

  • GR on

    I usually depend on the pictures and the description to help me make a decision on whether or not I buy them. However, if I need a little more info I then check out the promo video. I usually skip the promo, because it’s so short. I really rely on the description when possible, because it tells me what holds are used. I think making the promo videos a little longer might entice more people to purchase them. You take them away and you’ll have fewer people visiting your site and whether they purchase a video or not you want people to at least see what’s available.

  • Mark on

    I hate this new format. The video previews were rudimentary enough with their low definition and short footage it was hard enough to see if a movie was worth the $$$ or not. Take a look at and see how they give HD previews that are long and decent. I buy more and more from them.

  • Tony on

    Video previews are a major factor in my decisions on which TA matches to purchase. Moving previews behind a paywall would certainly mean I will buy less, so I hope you do not. Thunder TV doesn’t interest me. I find the frequent and unpredictable sales to be confusing and frustrating. I often wait for a deal to buy something, then the next day there is a better deal, or the deal is so short I don’t have time to use it by the time I see an email. $25 is about what I feel is a fair value for your matches. If $25 was your regular price point, I would buy every match that interests me immediately without waiting for sales, and I would also end up buying many more matches in general.

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