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Zman vs Bryce - Christmas Chaos 2008

Zman vs Bryce - Christmas Chaos 2008

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Zman vs Bryce 

Its time for Christmas Chaos 2008 again and Zmans back and jacked with more attitude then before. He's doing a little holiday clean up when "twice as nice" Bryce comes from behind and sings Zman a little jingle and challenges Zman to battle on the mat! Zman will never back down from a challenge, especially from another pretty boy loser six pack attack, master of the scissor hold - Bryce. He starts off the match on top running Zman to the ground, trying to wrap his legs around Zman's head in a deadly head scissors. He keeps up the attack only to get humiliated for a bit, because he couldn't get Zman to submit in a crushing body scissors, looks like Zman's abs are not all show, they got the power to fight off being crushed. Zman and bryce are about as even of a match as you can get, Bryce tries to really stretch out the Zman in a few painful backbreakers over the balls, and then Z returns the favor with a power slam on top of the balls that he turns into a reverse front headlock combined with an inverted surfboard for a great long held submission hold! This is the type of hold that really makes a man out of you in how much pain you can take and shows how awesome & flexible Bryce is in this match. Bryce takes every advantage he can get to take Zman down, even using the ball to smash in Zman's face a few times, bouncing it off the mat! Bryce has some serious skill and uses it to make the Zman suffer, in his long held various submission leg holds. This is not a squash job though as Zman has a lot of tricks he uses on Bryce as well. Zman's Christmas decorations are a weapon you will so not be able to forget as they put each other in some of the most outrageous holds and stretching each others bodies to the max. This chaotic holiday match takes there energy, skills, and pain to the next level. Bryce has brought the best out of Zman, and Zman's skill really forced Bryce to raise it up a notch to shine in this match. Bryce really did give Zman a run for his money, in the most hilarious & hot match we have ever filmed! You need to add this to your collection, it's a winner to watch over and over!