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Chris Rockway vs Silas - Mat Rats 164

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

World Famous Adult Film star - Chris Rockway has joined the roster at Thunders!  Very few fans of Chris knew he was a 4x All-American high school championship wrestler!  His current love though is for jujitsu as his passion is to get on the mat to practice submission holds on bigger guys he can get to submit. He has been doing jujitsu for several years now and has currently attained purple belt status. Chris loves to make other men submit on the mat and we are looking forward to seeing his intensity.

He wanted to show off his real wrestling skills and Mr. Mike happens to know that Silas is also a former High School Heavyweight Wrestling NATIONAL champion. So Chris asked Mr. Mike if he could roll and go hard with someone that could stand up to him.  Silas was Mr. Mike's first pick to wrestle Chris for real! Enjoy!


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