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Kuma vs Monkey Boy - Rough & Ready 146

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

BIG vs little!

Kuma - 220 lbs. vs Monkey Boy - 140 lbs.

"You wish you could have this! YOU ARE FAT!" Monkey Boy's arrogance takes over the match as he flexes in Kuma's face. When Monkey Boy actually gets a feel of Kuma's muscle he wants more! Kuma is not going to just let Monkey Boy feel his muscles without earning the right! Kuma SLAMS Monkey Boy's face into a headlock! 

- Kuma throws Monkey Boy up into a massive choke lift until his victim starts to pass out! 

- Monkey Boy is tortured with a camel clutch! Kuma cranks on his victim's lower back while Monkey Boy still talks trash!

- Kuma has had enough and squeezes Monkey in a smothering chest to chest bearhug. "That's right, little man. Do you like being destroyed?"

- An over the knee backbreaker has Monkey Boy screaming in pain while Kuma flexes over his new boy toy. 

- Kuma hasn't worked enough yet and wants to get a good pump using Monkey Boy as a dumbbell. He lifts him up getting his reps in while simultaneously crashing Monkey Boy into the mat over and over. 

- Monkey Boy attacks Kuma! Jumping on his back and latching on like...well...a monkey boy. Kuma is unphased and tosses Monkey Boy off of him easily. 

Kuma continues to SQUASH Monkey Boy! A BRUTAL GORILLA PRESS leaves Monkey Boy laid out in pain! What will Kuma do next? 



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