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Double Header 01 - Reggie vs Baby Herc & Reggie vs Phantom

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Double Feature Download!

This includes BOTH: Reggie vs Baby Herc and Reggie vs Phantom

Reggie vs Baby Herc

Baby Herc poses a query, sparking Reggie's boldness and driving him to pounce for a piece of Herc's pecs! What were Herc's words?! He then engulfs Herc in a firm, forceful belly-to-belly embrace and unleashes his fullest might, squeezing tighter and tighter until Herc counteracts with a bearhug of his own! Showing pure determination, Herc slams Reggie down and asserts dominance, flexing in his face. But Reggie refuses to be defeated, quickly turning the tables and aggressively rubbing Herc down. Despite Herc's attempts to break free, Reggie's resolute strength prevails as he effortlessly hoists Herc off his feet and slams him down into an over the knee backbreaker! Like a fearless hunter, Reggie has his prey at his mercy, bent over his knee. Will Baby Herc succumb to Reggie's undeniable power? Or will Herc emerge triumphant and finish off Reggie like a true conqueror?!

Reggie vs Phantom

Witness the intense battle of wills between Reggie and Phantom - two fierce competitors who live and breathe the art of pumping iron. As they engage in an explosive flex-off, insults and taunts fly before the violence erupts! Phantom quickly takes control, applying a vicious side headlock and flinging the 260-pound Reggie to the ground. But Reggie is not one to back down, and soon unleashes his own brutal attacks, fueled by his passion for the fight. As the two giants battle on the mat, the sweat begins to pour and Reggie's determination reaches new heights, overpowering Phantom. But when the action moves back to their feet, the fight becomes even more brutal, with loud slaps and gut punches echoing off the concrete wall. Can you hear the fierce determination in their grunts? Don't miss the thrilling conclusion as one of these warriors is brought to their knees.