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Alexander Trains Batar - Rough & Ready 04B

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Alexander vs Batar

Batar is truly a fan favorite, and wanted to get help learning new pro wrestling moves. So he turned to our most experienced wrestler Alexander. If you don't know it Alexander used to wrestle for TNA several years back and has wrestled professionally all over the world, who better to get for a teacher huh?

WRONG!!! Alexander is a jerk who's arrogance and cockiness runs all over Batar in the most humiliating lesson ever put on film! He never stops running his mouth and really does a number on Batar under Alexander's teaching motto of, "Pain makes you remember the moves better...". Plus Alexander's cocky "smart ass" comments on how well Batar is doing the moves in the session will make you laugh, over and over, till you have tears in your eyes. You really LOVE to HATE Alexander and can't wait to see someone smash his mouth in to get him to shut up! THE MOST entertaining match we have put on film with verbal thrashing and lots of great surprises and dirty trick moves you don't see coming! Alexander puts Batar in bearhugs, over the knee back breakers, Atom bomb, figure 4 leg locks, camel clutches, Boston crabs, ankle locks, and pile driver after pile driver finally knocking the Batar out cold. If I had to vote for the most entertaining match this year, this would be my choice.... Enjoy!!