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Diesel vs Alexander & Coupe vs Blake - Battlespace 13

$ 31.25

Diesel vs Alexander

This is a real blow out battle. Diesel just tried to talk to Alexander during his phone conversation with his agent. Alexander completely blew up in Diesel's face and went off on how stupid he is and what a crappy wrestler he is. That just set Diesel off and man the battle was on. This is a great match for lots of wild moves and amazing stunts. There is still all the mat work you love to see with long held holds like bearhugs, over the knee back breakers, and even a rack. You will enjoy watching these two battle it out in a way you never dreamed possible. Enjoy, because this video preview below is just the taste of how awesome this match is! 

Coupe vs Blake

If you have ever been a Thunder TV member you should remember the first time you saw Blake. He did a match on Thunder TV against Posiden a long time ago. Well back when we first released it we took a survey to see which one of the wrestlers you wanted to see more wrestling from. Fans picked Blake 75% more than Posiden! Well now he's back and you can see him go against his first real competition a new bodybuilder Coupe. This new bodybuilder Coupe hasn't wrestled since high school but he's been busy winning all kinds of bodybuilding competitions all over the USA. He has amazing cuts to his muscles and he is a darn good wrestler too. He's a little rusty but you can bet he is going to get better and better with each match. This match really is a lot different that most of our matches. Coupe calls out Blake on his FAKE Australian accent and stop being phony in his act, be himself, shut up and wrestle. Coupe loves to use his powerful thighs to crush Blake in body scissors, head scissors, and traps him in quite a few bearhugs. Blake tries to use his power and wrestling skills to use tricks but Coupe just powers out. This match has a good bit of back and forth action leaving you to wonder who is going to get the final submission and win.


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