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Billy Angel bearhug body scissors arms pecs chest

ZMan vs Sebastien 2" & "Billy vs Angel" - Battlespace 10

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Match 1- Zman vs Sebastien

This is what you all have been emailing me to see. Sebastien lost the first time he and Z-Man met in the ring but now he's out to get his revenge! This is a LONG match with tons of mat holds and lots of bearhugs, matter of fact this is the first time anyone has been submitted by bearhug in Thunder's Arena. This is a real grudge match and there was no place for being "sportsman" like, it's all about domination!

Match 2- Billy the Kid vs Angel

Let the WAR begin!!! Angel is a Florida state champion, Billy is a Alabama state champion, this is a nock out drag out light weight match you just don't want to miss! Watch the two of these really beat the tar out of each other with massive power slams, serious head lock throws, bearhugs, body scissors, a marvel of moves to watch of both pro moves and high school wrestling technique to get the submission!