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Bolt Brute chin lock abs pecs chest

Bolt vs Brute - Custom Video Series 33 - Sleeper Knockouts

$ 31.25

They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.  If that’s so, then Bolt must be certifiable as he takes on the awesome Brute for a third time!  Looking menacing in a singlet, Brute wastes no time in in going after Bolt, kicking him hard in the midsection!  As Bolt crumples to the floor, Brute follows through with a vicious claw to Bolt’s traps, Bolt screaming as he suffers in the excruciating hold!  Brute drags Bolt up and wraps his massive arm around his neck in a sleeper hold!  Bolt has nowhere to go as he feels consciousness slipping away!  Brute’s got it cinched in SO tight as Bolt struggles to breathe!  Bolt goes out like a light!  Brute keeps the hold on, making sure Bolt is truly out!  Do you think the match is over?  Think again!  Brute shakes Bolt awake, announcing Round 2 as he applies a tight full nelson to the hapless wrestler!  Bolt is clearly in agony as he starts to pass out from the pain!  Not wanting it to be over just yet, Brute drags him up and knees him in the midsection, snapmaring him to the mat before applying a deadly Cobra Clutch sleeper!  Brute scissors the leg, sealing Bolt in the inescapable hold!  That’s two!

Bolt is still unconscious as Brute decides on a ’cooler’ way to wake him up, wrapping his legs up in a FIGURE-FOUR!!  The pain literally rips through the sleeping stud’s body, shocking him back into the realm of the conscious in the most painful way you can imagine!  Brute is living up to his name and then some!  Bolt’s screams could wake the dead, but they fall on deaf ears as Brute relentlessly tightens the hold!  Brute releases Bolt, only to further brutalise the leg with kicks and punches to the hamstring!  A sleeper/body scissor combo has Bolt struggling to avoid being put out for a third time, to no avail!

Brute shakes his plaything awake again, Bolt’s face a picture of bewilderment – this s*** is real!  A seated surfboard has Bolt screaming as his chest is stretched apart – somebody needs to stop this!  Brute literally has Bolt begging for mercy as he pulls back harder on the suffering stud’s arms!  Another Cobra Clutch sleeper and Bolt is out again!  Brute is just too big, too good and too vicious!  Bolt twitches awake and challenges Brute to let him try a sleeper – challenge accepted!  Can Bolt claim back some of his dignity and put the big man down?  Buy this incredible match now and find out which stud ends up out on the mats under the victor’s foot!  Outstanding!