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Brute vs Loki - Ring Wars 82

Brute vs Loki - Ring Wars 82

$ 34.75

Thunder's pro-wrestler Brute stands in the ring getting a first look at his next victim, "Who are you supposed to be?" Loki, the 220lbs thick muscled rookie stands confidently up to the muscle giant and replies, "THE MAN!" Brute's mind races knowing this newbie has no clue the punishment he's about to face in his ring, "I have a little bit of time. Let's see how fast we can get this done!" Brute shakes the rookie's hand to greet him, but it's all a ruse as he kicks his abs and delivers a massive elbow to the base of his skull. "I think you're in over your head!" The vet digs his knee in Loki's back and locks in a crossface as the rookie moans in pain! "Alright The Man, let's see how much swag you got if I pull your head off!" Brute introduces the newbie to his wrestling wheelhouse with a CRIPPLING camel clutch! "Your hands smell like Starbucks!" mocks Loki. Big Brute isn't about to be disrespected and EYE GOUGES and YANKS on the pretty boy's chin trying to permanently damage his GQ face. The muscle beast stomps his victim's back and legs, pulls him to his feet by his hair, and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Loki is in pure agony as forearm after forearm are driven deep into his thick muscular back. Brute wants to show off his rope skills and stretches the newb's arm and leg over the ropes. "Give up! I will break it!" The rookie screams in pain still trying for jokes, "Why you so sweaty?" "I'm glistening!" The behemoth continues slamming the rookie into the turnbuckle and STANDS on his abs. "Give up!" orders Brute. "Screw you!" The confident rookie doesn't know when to quit. "Wrong answer!" Loki is completely gassed as Brute chokes him against the middle rope. The blood begins to rush from his face as the hold is released. "On your feet!" The vet stretches the rookie between the ropes; his thick chest and ripped abs stretched so tight they look ready to split at any moment. "I'm gonna choke you out!" Brute wraps his bulging bicep around the rookie's throat as he gasps for air. "Don't fight it, just go to sleep!" Loki's breathing becomes faint as he passes out; his 220lbs frame draped mid air over the middle rope. Brute pulls his lifeless victim back into the ring waking him up. "I'm gonna choke you out again!" Brute locks in another sleeper as Loki struggles to break free. "Out you go! New guy wants to make jokes and laugh about coffee? Millennial!" Brute isn't done and wakes Loki up, "I got a treat for ya!" Out of nowhere, the rookie surprises the vet with a devastating LOW BLOW and locks the muscle giant in a sleeper of his own dragging him to the turnbuckle! The tides are turning as Loki begins to show Brute what The Man can do. The muscle beast delivers wicked elbows trying to escape the rookie's grasp. Punches, stomps, elbows, a devastating DRAGON SLEEPER! Will The Man aka Loki be able to bring the big man down, or will Brute show this newbie why he's the King of the Ring?