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Thunders arena wrestling grappling submission hold submit

Angel vs Beur w/ Big Sexy - Rough & Ready 18

$ 30.00

Thunder's Arena would like to welcome our newest wrestler, Beur. With over 15 years wrestling experience, he's here to prove that big things come in small packages.  Angel starts off by trying to take Beur down with a front headlock, but Beur is such a skilled wrestler that he quickly counters and gets his first pin on Angel in nearly no time. Both of these guys are very quick and and agile, but Beur may just have the upper hand and is able to lock Angel into a dragon sleeper. Angel struggles to escape, but Beur just tightens up his grip even more making it nearly impossible for Angel to escape. Once Angel finally breaks free, he quickly nabs up Beur into a fireman's carry and then drops him to the ground. It seems as if Beur may be getting a little tired in the early part of the match and Angel takes advantage of it by taking him down and pinning him. Beur finally gets his second wind and takes Angel down with a front headlock and then immediately locks in a deep triangle choke. Not to be outdone by the newcomer, Angel manages to get lock Beur in a rear naked choke that nearly passes him out. You'll get to witness all sorts of mayhem like triangle chokes, clotheslines, banana splits, Boston crabs, camel clutches, arm bars, and more!