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Pitbull vs Angel - Rough & Ready 17B

Pitbull vs Angel - Rough & Ready 17B

$ 31.25

 Angel vs Pitbull


 Angel is back for another match and ready to show that Pitbull is really just a puppy. Shortly after the match begins, Angel swoops in and lifts Pitbull in an agonizing bearhug that nearly chokes the wind right out of him. Pitbull, determined to prove the size of the fight in this dog, locks in a full Nelson and lifts Angel into the air with ease. Not about to be outdone by some dog, Angel quickly scoops up Pitbull into a fireman's carry, tosses him to the ground like a wet towel and then locks in a bone-crunching camel clutch. Pitbull bites back with a series of ferocious clotheslines and nearly choke lifts Angel right through the ceiling. Showing no mercy, he also gorilla presses Angel several times to show off his strength before launching him clear across the mat. Angel refuses to let some chump push him around, so he quickly maneuvers himself on top of Pitbull for one wicked Boston crab. Ready to send Angel to the pound, Pitbull combos from an ab stretch to an over-the-knee back breaker. He continues his onslaught of pain and punishment with an amazing camel clutch that shows off the incredible definition in his arms and chest as Angel struggles with his powerful grip. If you're ready for an intense match featuring gut punching, bearhugs, body scissors and more, you better fasten your seatbelt because this is going to be a bumpy ride... Watch as two of the best little guy underground wrestlers destroy each other. I think this match is so fierce because these guys both lose to big guys so much they weren't going to give an inch to someone there own size!


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