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Zman & Shiek vs O'Shea - Mat Rats 19B

Zman & Shiek vs O'Shea - Mat Rats 19B

$ 30.00

Zman & Shiek vs O'Shea

Zman meets a lot of other models in his world travels. Shiek is a professional model that became friends with Zman and talked about learning how to wrestle better. Well Zman was still really upset over his loss to O'Shea so he decided to take on O'Shea 2 against 1 with his new model friend. This battle is by far one of the most unusual, crazy, matches we have ever filmed. Shiek is a real character and not our normal type of wrestler we feature. In this match you will see some crazy moves like 3 man camel clutch or a 2 man Boston crab. There still your old favorite moves to watch like gut punching and bearhugs. Plus you'll have to see how O'Shea slowly turns Zman and Shiek against each other to where he and Zman join up to beat down on Shiek. Enjoy!