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Devin Eagle body scissors pecs chest arms

Devin vs Eagle - Mat Rats 01B

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Devin vs Eagle

Talk about your major discoveries. Devin is a real grappler and finds new wrestlers for us all the time. He was at a tournamnet recently when he saw Eagle just destroy this guy on the mat. Not one to fear a challenge, Devin went right up to him and asked if he would wrestle in front of the cameras here at Thunder's Arena. The two then called me the next day ready to do battle for you on film. Eagle is from Russia and is a high demand model all over the USA. He has always been a grappler and has a lot of great wrestling skills. You are going to see Devin trapped in some holds that we don't even know what the names of them were because he was so twisted up. Eagle has a great smile and you can see why he is a model but on the mats he's all business and a man of few words, and just a lot of action!