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Let me tell you what I most like about Thunders Arena:

1.  Your wrestlers are real men and not pansies like you see at most other
"wrestling" sites.

2.  Your wrestlers really seem to enjoy themselves in the matches.  There
are a lot of smiles and good natured verbal and physical give and take
the matches.

3.  The action is rough, tough and aggressive.  Sometimes, I'm surprised how
hard guys get banged against walls, etc.

4.  Cinematography is truly excellent.  You have a knack for capturing the
action, balancing close ups and area shots to keep it very interesting.

5.  The pacing is fast and never repetitive or boring.

  Just got done watching the first batch of DVD''s I ordered from you. They are amazing. Best wrestling videos on the market - no question.
   I don''t know how or where you recruit your wrestlers, but you''ve got an awesome stable of talent. Every one of them has got geat athletic ability, is in great shape, has a great mat personality and knows how to give and/or take a good ass whooping on the mat.
   Your matches have great wrestling moves, lots of one sided domination matches that let a wrestler really show off what he''s got, great trash talk, incredible big men with great cockiness (Samson, Titan, JB and Maximus are each just unbelieveably powerful), tough little guys with lots of attitude, lots and lots of bear hugs, submission moves and total squash matches. The double bear hug is very impresssive - great idea. You''ve got it all, man. Good sound and video quality too.
   I''ll be hitting your website real soon to order some more. I look forward to your future releases . If they are anything like what I''ve seen so far, I''ll be ordering them as soon as they come out.
   You''ve got a great operation. Keep up the good work. from a new fan 4-9-08


AMAZING AND WONDERFUL SITE!!!!!! Have purchased SEVERAL of you're
online clips. Amazing!!!!! I love the david vs goliath clips. I think there

should def. be more of it. Expanding that. That's what is missing on
the internet! I loved monstros vs angel. How angel had to succumb to
monstros dues to certain criterias. Will there be more of those?
It's very WWE at the same time.  I am  a big fan of wrestling,
 but the david vs goliath ones are superb!  Gives
me such an adrenalin rush. A breath of fresh air! Absolutly purly amazing to
see! Cannot do it myself, but great to see other ppl doing it! Please
consider more of those as i'm sure A LOT OF PPL APPRECIATE GREAT AND AMAZING
purchasing those. Consider putting you're smallest guy in the mercy of
you're largest most powerful wrestler. Seeing what that guy can do to
the smaller guy.. would be amazing! Tossing him weightlessly across the
ring even! Absolute power and domination. Pure theatrical act, but powerful
and simulating to the human mind.

Great amazing site! keep up the great work!



Hello.  I just received Battlespace 8 in the mail today.  Loved it of
course.  This is the fifth dvd i've bought from Thunder's Arena.  My
favorite wrestler before i saw this dvd was Titan, but after watching
the match between Titan and Sampson, I think Sampson has now tied with
Titan as being my favorite wrestler with Thunder's Arena.  These 2
monsters were awesome.  Absolutely loved the bearhugs traded between
Titan and Sampson.  Also loved the bearhugs traded between Chaz and
Angel.  Hopefully you'll have a dvd soon where there is a Bearhug
contest:o)  That would be awesome to have a special match in which the
wrestler could only win the match with a submission by use of the
Bearhug only!!!!  Even if that isn't gonna happen, I still can't wait
to see more Titan and Sampson.  Keep the bearhugs coming.  You guys
rock at Thunder's Arena, you're all awesome.  Bye, and Thanks:o)

x3fan2001 on 8-20-07

I want to thank everyone at Thunder's Arena for putting out
a quality product. Recently I moved into another home, and of course
that means buying all the things needed. So I had to cut back. I am
keeping my Thunder's Arena membership though and getting rid of all
the other subscriptions. Yours is absolutely the best. I really enjoy
your site.

I also wanted to thank you for your latest DVD which I downloaded. I
remember thinking after seeing Sampson the first time that it would
be neat to see him wrestle Titan. So now it has happened. A very nice
match. Most large wrestlers are slow and really don't have the moves
of the lighter weights. Not those two. They both have the
muscularity, the technical wrestling skills, and speed. Wow. I want
to see more from those two.

Anything featuring Angel is always entertaining. He is hilarious.
What a trash talking little snot. Always fun to watch. He appears to
have beefed up a bit. He's still the same Angel though. I hope he
doesn't change. Chaz is great too. Like me, he has a little extra
around the middle, but he looks good. I really like his calm
personality. If I had to pick one of the guys I would most like to
drink beer with it would be Chaz.

Keep up the good work.

Yours truly,

Mike B.

You guys make incredible DVDs!  I really love your style and the
wrestlers are top notch. Keep it coming!

Just got the copy of Battlespace 4. Just checked it out...right on,
man! Batar's bearhug battle is just the kind of match I dig, as you
know, it's all about bearhugs for me! You definately are providing a
product that I can't get anyplace else on the net! Keep up the good
work, man, and bring on the bearhug matches! Far as I'm concerned, the
more bearhug battles, and the longer, more intense they get, the
better. Especially if like two of the big guys challenge each other to
a bearhug test of strength or whatever. It's your game, but, just
wanted to give you props, man. Good shit! Matt in OH



In the last four weeks I have ordered three of your
DVDs and I am very impressed.  The action, the color, the clarity are all
exemplary and even more so when one realizes the nature of your small start up
business.  I wish you a lot of success.

This letter arrived May 11, 2007

Your DVDs are high quality, and are actually fun to watch. I will continue to purchase
them. Some of the other sites, of which I have tried several, are really
nothing and they cost more. Those are two good reasons why I
won't deal with them any more.

There's another reason why, I'll continue to support your site.
That reason is that it is a way of helping college students.
I am a professor, and I have been at the same
university for 30 years. So I get reminded every day about the problems
students have. I am at an urban campus, which means that many of the
male students are not just fresh out of high school, like your guys. They
also have to work pretty hard for what they have, just like your guys. So I
respect your efforts in providing a way to help them. I will admit that
buying one of your DVDs makes me feel "good inside" for that reason.

Oh yeah, your guys are very athletic, and actually seem to know
something about wrestling. I grew up in Oklahoma, so I learned to
appreciated real wrestling ability. Scripted or not, your guys show enough ability
that I know they could do the real thing.

And maybe this seems out of place in a fan letter, tell the guys they
are on my "list." Yeah, I pray for them. I believe they are good people
and I hope they do well.

Just wanted to drop you a note of encouragement to say how good your recent stuff has been and the download to own feature is so quick and convenient.  Eagle is a terrific find (though Devin is still number 1 in my book!).  Anyhow, keep up the good work!--Ian

A about three weeks ago I wrote to you about a DVD
that had arrived with a problem. You wrote back indicating that the correct disc would
be sent quickly and a very nice apology for the error. The disc did arrive as you indicated, and I wanted to
write back to say that I appreciate very much the way you handled the problem. Be assured I shall continue
to follow the matches you offer and purchase as things appeal. A pleasure to do business with you.