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Ludwig vs Stallion - Vegas Battles 63

$ 15.00
$ 30.00

"This new guy coming in here challenging Stallion! You're literally using every pound; I'm just using my bicep!" taunts the muscle monster locked up with Ludwig in a best of 3 arm-wrestling match. "Think it's time for you to get pinned!" threatens the Norwegian rolling the giant's arm over winning round one. "Ahh man, he's so f***ing powerful! Your biceps are huge!" admires Stallion. Rounds 2 and 3 get even more intense as an argument breaks out over correct form and who really won. "We had a sh**ty ref; it's not fair you using your whole body. I'm not gonna let that s**t fly!" yells an angry Stallion in defeat. "You call it cheating; I call it a fair fight!" declares Ludwig. Still heated, the mountain of muscle challenges him to a push up contest and heads to the bedroom. "I don't know that's a pretty big chest!" Reluctant, the Norwegian beast watches Stallion go first pressing his 268lbs up and down with ease. "That's just body weight, maybe do some resistance!" taunts Ludwig sitting down on the hulk's back. Incredibly, Stallion does two more push ups before falling on his face full of RAGE! "Nobody embarrasses me like that, ever!" Rising to his feet, the behemoth wraps his meathook hands around his throat and CHOKESLAMS him on the bed. "You caught me off guard there Stall!" groans Ludwig as the muscle monster mounts his abs, slams his arms over and over into the bed, and YANKS his arm nearly out of socket! "Get up!" orders Stallion rolling the beast in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. "Is this my pony necklace?" mocks Ludwig struggling to breathe. "Are you gonna submit? You're in between Stallion's thighs; that's a dangerous place! I'm gonna squish your head!" Powerless to escape, the arrogant vet's beefy frame goes limp barely able to tap out as he's dragged bedside. The mountain of muscle wraps his bulging bicep around the beast in a crushing GUILLOTINE CHOKE dangling his prey off the edge of the bed. "At least I'm choking you out with this great view! You getting tired?" asks the giant tossing the motionless beast back on the bed. "Took a lot of energy out in the arm-wrestling. I thought we were just doing push ups?" groans Ludwig laid out completely gassed. "You're catching on to my strategy!" taunts Stallion dragging the 250 pounder to his feet for a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug shaking him like a rag doll. Gasping for air, a knee to the gut drops Ludwig straight down into the behemoth's crushing standing head scissors FLEXING his granite slab quads tighter and tighter until he crumbles to the ground. "Get up! Come on show me what you got!" Ludwig struggles to his feet LEVELING the big man with a vicious dirty then drags him up for a tight full nelson and crushing belly to back bearhug, "Come on big dog, you're supposed to be the superstar of this, but you're a little pony!" Stallion groans in agony, "F***ing cheap shot!" as Ludwig lifts his pythons up controlling him like a puppet, "Flex for the camera, your weaker biceps!" Regaining his strength, the mountain of muscle breaks free of his captor's grip and flexes a beefy double bicep, "What are you talking about? That's man's biceps right there!" Ludwig reaches around the distracted behemoth SQUEEZING handfuls of his meaty pecs, "That's a big chest!" "You ain't used to feeling that huh? You like that?" taunts Stallion turning around wrapping his meathook hands around the beast's throat as he tries worshipping his chest again. "I didn't give you permission to touch me!" yells the behemoth TWISTING Ludwig's arm in a brutal hammerlock, yanking him by the hair, and forcing him into the bedpost. The ruthless mountain of muscle grabs the Norwegian's arm between his own legs TOSSING him onto the bed for more torture. "You picked the wrong man to fight with! How dare you challenge Stallion!" A crushing body scissors, tight cradle, brutal Boston crab, and scissor/sleeper combo have Ludwig barely moving gassed out. "I think you like getting dominated by a real man! You don't get much bigger guys!" "I just signed up for the arm wrestle; I didn't want to get in to all this!" The behemoth flexes over his broken victim KICKING him to the floor, "Get off the bed; I'm King!" On his knees, Ludwig is picked up in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug and pulled back onto the bed for a skull-crushing head scissors. Screaming in pain, the muscle beast nearly passes out as he's SMOTHERED over and over with a pillow. "You ain't done; let's see what you got! I'll give you a free one; you can't hurt me!" Ludwig stumbles to his feet barely able to stand, "I'm dazed!" and tries again to grab his meaty pecs. "I didn't give you permission to touch my chest!" Furious, Stallion ENGULFS his prey in a crushing belly to belly bearhug; the Norwegian desperately clubs his hulking back trying to escape. Grunting louder, the behemoth DIGS his pythons in deeper, "Feel that back break! Squeeze the life out of you!" Barely breathing, the 250 pounder collapses to the floor and is wrapped up in a powerful sleeper. "Someone's getting weak! Come on try and break free!" challenges Stallion. Incredibly, Ludwig STRAINS but rises to his feet escaping the giant's clutches! "You coming back? At least make me sweat a little bit, show me what you got!" A massive mercy challenge erupts; their bulging biceps shake under the intense pressure. Ludwig breaks away hoisting the 260 pounder in a CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug and throws him on the bed! Hungry for payback, a power struggle begins. A vicious dirty trick and blow to the chest lead up to one muscle hunk being wedged deep, face first in a BREATHTAKING head scissors! Who will be left standing?