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hooper bulldog camel clutch armlock arm hold submission submit chest pecs abs

Bulldog vs Hooper - Mat Rats 26

$ 30.00

Bulldog is constantly pissed off about something. This time hes upset that the Arena has set him up in a match against handsome newcomer Hooper, a youngster 65 pounds lighter than he. The lack of serious competition is Bulldogs constant refrain, and the thought of such an insult keeps him in a surly mood, which he then takes out, in this case, on Hooper. Hooper, though not as well developed as some of Thunders better established stars, is game for anything, ready to prove himself against anybody big or small, exhibiting the fearless attitude that marks all promising wrestlers. Bulldog makes sure that Hooper gets a Grade-A taste of the treatment a rookie can expect until he proves himself to the rest of our wrestlers. A test of strength immediately establishes the obvious: the rookie is extremely outclassed by the muscular veteran. Undaunted, Hooper drives his knee to Bulldogs gut, an act of desperation and heart that perhaps only seals his doom with his foul-tempered opponent. Bulldog hefts Hooper on his shoulders, busting the kids ribcage against the back of his thick neck, before hurling him contemptuously to the mat for some power ab-punching. The kid proves to be remarkably resilient and even dares to give the big man a taste of his own medicine. Provoked, Bulldog raises Hooper to the ceiling and subjects him to a fierce regimen of torture rack, scissors, and armbars. Hoopers eagerness to hop right back into the action forces Bulldog to conclude that the kid must be a lunatic. We think that young Hooper simply has the kind of spunk that promises good things to come, but, then again, Bulldog is often right in his judgments, a point hed be first to articulate.