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Sparrow vs Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 185

$ 31.59

MOUTH-WATERING action, dirty tricks, and muscle worship...your quarantine cure has arrived! An argument breaks out as Iceman18 is ready to wrestle, but Sparrow has his own muscle worship plans. Out of nowhere, Sparrow TACKLES Iceman18 to the mat grabbing handfuls of Iceman18's beefy glutes until he escapes. Back on their feet, the wrestlers tie-up battling for control. Iceman18 wraps Sparrow in a tight headlock taking Sparrow down for a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors! Groaning in pain, Sparrow strikes with a dirty trick dropping Iceman18 to the mat for a belly to belly bearhug and Saturday night ride. Screams of agony fill the arena as Iceman18 is STRETCHED to his limits; the dominant Sparrow feverishly worships his victim's muscles clamping on another dirty trick! An intense struggle begins on the mat; the wrestlers' grunts and groans get louder and louder as they BATTLE in wrestling holds and muscle worship. Iceman18 breaks away first and sits on the couch wrapping Sparrow in a tight body scissors until a dirty trick takes Iceman18 down. Struggling to catch his breath, Iceman18 is GATOR ROLLED to his back as Sparrow mounts Iceman18's abs pinning him down stretching him out; the muscle worship getting even hotter! Angry, Iceman18 escapes and drags Sparrow to the couch for a BONE-SHATTERING body scissors and head scissors. Sparrow gasps for air as a back-and-forth fight breaks out on the couch with pins, a sleeper, and guillotine choke nearly tipping the couch over! Breathing hard and heavy, Iceman18 and Sparrow battle over a bottle of water leaving one wrestler begging for mercy. The HEART-POUNDING action continues with reverse head scissors, tight full nelson, sleepers, body scissor, fireman's carries, and a crushing rear bearhug. "You're coming with me!" threatens one wrestler as intense muscle worship, smacks to the glutes, and dirty tricks leads to a JAW-DROPPING finish!