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Smash vs Phantom - Halloween Havoc Mystery Match 2023 A

$ 28.88
$ 33.33

Will Smash use the Kiss of death on Phantom for his finisher?  Smash pulled Mr. Mike at the start of the day wanting to learn the kiss of death move he wanted to use it on Phantom if he could get the chance.  Watch to the end to find out what happened.

Phantom is the king of the mat this year and he has a game for Smash, aka Blood Drop. What is this mysterious game the King wants to Smash to play? Both men lock up and match is on! Smash begins more intense than Phantom and Phantom was not ready to the intensity Smash was ready to unleash to win this game! The bout finds its way to the mat with Smash in control. When Phantom stands up with Smash on his back, Smash panics! This gives Phantom the window to attack. He gains total control over Smash throwing him around and the sweat begins to pour!

The action and intensity heats up just as Phantom and Smash begin pouring sweat and sacrificing their bodies to win the mystery game! Heavy breathing and staggered stances show the fatigue in each man's body. A cat and mouse chase begins as a climax draws more near! An exchange of bearhugs and sleepers leads to steaming ending and you find out who wins the mystery game! Download NOW!