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Smash vs Rivet - No Holds Barred 252

$ 27.50
$ 31.59

Smash and Rivet tie up on the mat wasting no time with the trash talk! A back and forth chest to chest bearhug introduces both wrestlers dramatically! Rivet takes the action to the mat and pins down Smash's arms to the mat! Smash and Rivet go back and forth between complimenting and berating each other while rubbing and stretching every muscle imaginable!

Rivet levels Smash on the mat while running his meathook hands all over Smash's body! Smash turns to dirty moves to combat Rivet, while Rivet lifts and slams Smash using his power!

When Rivet and Smash get too tired and too sweaty they decide to take the mat poolside and continue the action! A series of full nelsons has Rivet in pain and Smash on the offense! He spreads Rivet on the mat not giving him one second to catch his breath! Smash struggles when Rivet reverses a lying bearhug and lays all 200 lbs on top of Smash's stomach! Smash fights to breathe and Rivet lays in! 

The action pull both wrestles into the pool with an ending that will leave your imagination exploding! Download NOW!


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