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Kuma vs Polish Hammer - Vault 04

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Black Friday EXCLUSIVE! 

Original title of this match: KUMA LIFTS POLISH HAMMER. That is a perfect description for this match! Kuma is getting a workout in, but he only has one dumbbell to work with. He decides Polish Hammer will work fine for a human barbell to get his workout! He immediately folds him up and begins to curl him. Next up, GORILLA PRESSES for a good shoulder pump! When Polish Hammer attempts to wrestle with Kuma, he is put in his place quickly! Kuma's workout continues using Polish Hammer in every possible way for a nice workout and pump. He lift and carries him around the mat until Kuma decides he is done. But, what do you do with your human dumbbell when you finish your workout?