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Cason flexes his abs at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Brute vs Cason - Custom Video Series 83

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

"Looks like they put me with another loser!" Brute teases Cason for losing to Mack in their Vegas bearhug challenge. "I was a little drunk, a little hung over; he got lucky!" Brute decides to test that "luck" and challenges him to a bearhug submission match. "I'm not afraid. Didn't me wrestle a while ago?" Cason tries to jog Brute's memory of the match he beat the pro.
Out of nowhere, the beast kicks Cason's abs and delivers a vicious elbow to the base of his skull. "Up we go!" The pro-wrestler lifts his victim in a massive rear bearhug. The muscle Adonis groans in pain as he's thrown down. "You wanna quit now?" "No man, I'm pumped up now! This is the show!" Cason begins flexing; the beast has had enough lifting him into another bearhug. Cason noogies Brute's head sending him into a RAGE, and he's thrown down. "Flex now big guy!" orders the giant. "I can flex from anywhere!" Cason flexes on his back as Brute stomps his abs, arms, then goes for a sleeper. Cason struggles to breathe, "Is that all your brain can come up with!" "Seems to be working!" Brute EYE GOUGES his victim then stretches him between the ropes locking in a bearhug. "Flex now big guy!" "Screw you!" Big Brute locks in a crossface and has Cason stretched so tight his chest looks ready to split an any moment. "You quit?" The Adonis refuses, so the muscle giant continues stomping his abs then yanks his hair pulling him to his feet. "Do you like pulling hair cuz you don't have any yourself!" moans Cason. Brute lifts the muscle hunk in a devastating TORTURE RACK shaking him up and down. "Give up! I got all day!" "Alright I give!" 
The muscle specimen is completely gassed laying face first on the ring floor, "I'm good!" moans Cason. "Only bearhugs can end this match!" yells Brute as he forces his victim to his feet lifting him in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug. The Adonis yells in pain and begins clubbing Brute's thick back. "Give up!" He refuses and crumbles to the floor. The muscle giant stands with his foot CRUSHING Cason's throat. "The end is near!" Brute wants to destroy his victim limb by limb and stands on his tree trunk quads! The muscle hunk can barely get to his feet as Brute lifts him back in another front bearhug. "I'll go until you pass out this time!" Cason goes limp in the muscle hulk's arms and passes out. "Simple as that, totally destroyed! I'll just end it now." Brute goes for the pin, 1-2, but suddenly remembers this is a bearhug submission match. "I have to squeeze the life out of you." Cason wakes up. "Let me help you up there!" Brute picks up the muscle stud, sets him on the top turnbuckle, and begins CLUBBING his chiseled back. The dominant beast lifts Cason on his boulder shoulder in Canadian back breaker. "You might as well give up!" The Adonis howls in pain as his back is being destroyed and taps out! Cason is gonna have to pull something from his bag of tricks if he wants this beating to end. Which muscle monster will get the final bearhug submission leaving their fallen victim in the ring? You gotta see it to find out!