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Hero vs Santiago - Mat Rats 128

$ 25.95

It's a battle for the top as Santiago returns HOT & HEAVY ready to destroy the new competition! Hero tries to greet Santiago but is met with silence as Santiago circles him on the mat. "Get away!" orders Santiago CHEST BUMPING Hero around before dragging him down in a tight body scissors. Hero strains but powers out doing push-ups on top of Santiago's chest crushing him into the mat! Struggling for air, Santiago is wrapped in an upside-down belly to back bearhug and NECK-BREAKING full nelson as the beefy wrestlers roll around the mat fighting for control. Smacks to the ass and a tight headlock have Santiago mounting Hero's chest in reverse; his thick ass inches from Hero's face as Santiago flexes his rock-hard biceps. "That's all you have big guy? You're a loser!" mocks Santiago CHOPPING Hero's abs as he groans in pain. Pissed off, Hero breaks away mounting the cocky Santiago for a sexy flex off of his own. Dripping with sweat, the wrestlers lock up in a massive mercy challenge; their bulging biceps strain under the intense pressure. Hero strikes first with RIB-CRACKING front and rear bearhugs before Santiago battles back with a vicious dragon sleeper! Both wrestlers breathe hard and heavy struggling to their feet ready for war. Not backing down, the arrogant Santiago calls Hero a bitch sending him over the edge. "What did you call me? I don't hear you saying it now!" yells Hero wrapping his hand around Santiago's throat before CHOKESLAMMING him into the ground! Nearly knocked out, Santiago recovers ready to unleash his true power. The back-and-forth battle for the top continues with gut punches, crushing scissor/sleeper combo, pec claws, chokelift, tight sleepers, and a SKULL-SPLITTING finale!