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Rey Duende Flex flexing muscle worship

Rey vs Duende - Battlespace 85

$ 25.95

This is our first South American match up, both men are from Colombia and they only speak Spanish. You may not know this but Zman is Cuban and he speaks very good Spanish and has been starring on Spanish television shows as a legit actor. He found these two bodybuilders on sets to his latest TV show and told them about Thunder's. They were very excited to start wrestling, as they both love wrestling.  Zman is your translator and commentator for this match as these two men battle it out speaking spanish the whole time.

For the first time ever, Thunder’s Arena has gone global!  Returning to the Arena after touring South America, Z-Man brings with him a couple of stunning specimens to introduce to the viewers and to the mats!  Showing a hidden talent for announcing, Z-Man first brings in Rey, a tall, dark and muscular athlete, who is clearly no stranger to the gym!  Z-Man acts as interpreter as Rey tells us (in Spanish!) that he’s ready to go take on all competitors to become Number One in Thunder’s Arena!  Strong words indeed!  Our host then brings in Rey’s opponent, muscle-bull Duende, who tells us he’s a four-time bodybuilding champion in South America!  Man, Z-Man needs to go on tour more often if he brings back guys like this!

The match starts with what is unmistakably trash talk between the two Spanish-speaking muscle gods!  A collar & elbow tie up and Duende throws the taller Rey to the mat, swiftly following up with an elbow drop!  Duende is oozing confidence as he drags Rey off the mat and into a rear choke! It’s too early in the match for that though and Rey escapes, toppling the tattooed muscle hunk over in the process!  Viciously stomping his opponent, Rey starts to get the upper hand.  With Z-Man helpfully interpreting, Rey tells Duende to get up, beckoning him on.  Duende charges into Rey, his trunks perfectly framing as he takes his bigger opponent down!  Another choke, his massive lats on full display, has Duende asking “You like this?  It’s what you get for messing with me!”

A single-leg takedown into a Boston Crab has Duende slapping the mat!  The beautiful sheen of sweat on Rey’s back shows you how hard these guys are working – they clearly want to impress!  Something snaps in Duende and he hulks out, charging in and picking Rey up in a crushing bearhug, before driving him down onto his knee in a debilitating Atomic Drop!  As Rey scrabbles on his knees, Duende flaxes his massive muscles for the camera before arrogantly kneeing Rey in the head!  Another choke, this time a front one from Duende, and Rey is desperate!  Picking the bodybuilder up, Rey rams his back hard into the unforgiving wall!  But those lats are made of steel as Duende just comes back and floors Rey with a clothesline!  Rey tries to bash Duende’s abs, but to no avail – his musculature is just too dense to break through!  Duende goes for a super-arrogant pin on Rey, but it’s not over yet – neither man wants to lose in their debut!

Taking a breather, Rey treats us to a gun show, flexing his magnificent body for the camera.  Great for the viewers but a huge mistake for Rey as Duende takes advantage of the rookie error and catches his prey in a full nelson!  A crazed look on his face, he jerks Rey around before dumping his body onto the ground!  Wrapping his huge quads around Rey’s chest, Duende starts cranking out crunches!  This man is a machine!  Back and forth they go until Rey traps Duende in a Boston Crab. “Suffer!”  Seemingly no longer interested in just getting a submission, Rey lets him go – another rookie mistake, letting emotion get in the way of a win!

No less than THREE powerslams, a rear choke, and a payback full nelson have each of the guys hurting.  One of the wrestlers earns a definitive victory though, his face red from the effort of crushing a submission out of his opponent in a massive bearhug!  Two amazing, hard-fought debuts make this one not to be missed!