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camel clutch

DK vs Zman - Mat Wars 121

$ 30.00

"Zman, back in Thunders Arena ready to take on another opponent!" The vet flexes his chiseled frame when he is PUSHED aside by a 222lbs muscle monster. "Don't touch me! Come in here with some red and yellow trunks. What is this McDonald's, a supersize extra value meal with extra ketchup?" DK pushes him again, "I'll touch whoever I want! This is supersize with all the ketchup. Listen son!" The behemoth barrels in lifting the vet in a massive belly to belly bearhug SHAKING him like a rag doll as he groans in pain, "Ahh, put me down!" DK slams him to the mat over and over delivering a crippling camel clutch! "My back!" "Who's Ronald McDonald now! You see that? It's waiting on you when you get up!" DK flexes his bulging bicep stalking his prey as he stumbles to his feet. The MMA fighter continues with grueling takedowns pinning the muscle stud down with his knee and CHOPS his chest. "You weigh too much!" moans Zman gasping for air. The submission machine is pumped and ready to unleash his arsenal of pain on the helpless vet. A vicious crossbody armbar has Zman in complete agony; his arm ready to break at any moment! "How's that elbow feel? You might have been the man before, but this is my mat!" declares DK. The vet clutches his aching arm barely standing to his feet before a brutal fireman's takedown rattles his brain. "Not my other arm!" pleads Zman as MMA delivers a crossbody chicken wing trying to even out the score! DK releases his torturous hold as Zman lays on the mat totally gassed needing a break, "One minute!" "You don't get a minute. Get up!" The muscle beast launches his victim in another takedown and clamps on a LEG-BREAKING Boston crab, "Tap out!" Zman claws the mat desperately trying to escape the excruciating pain, but he is forced to submit, "I give! I give!" DK isn't just happy with one submission; he wants to rip his opponent apart limb by limb forcing him to tap as much as he can: bearhugs, chest chops, takedowns, a GUILLOTINE CHOKE! "Come on up and get some more!" The muscle beast lifts his victim across his boulder shoulders in a brutal torture rack shaking him up and down as he screams in agony, "You're getting real cocky!" DK dumps the defenseless stud to his back, does push ups on his chest PULVERIZING his rib cage, and locks in another massive armbar! "Not again! I tap!" screams Zman powerless to break free. The vet recovers and wants revenge! A rake to the eyes temporarily blinds the muscle beast as Zman jumps on his thick back with a tight sleeper! DK's powerful pythons flail in the air desperately trying to escape as he crumbles to his knees. The behemoth falls to the mat but incredibly goes back and forth to his knees as Zman squeezes tighter and tighter! DK's face turns as red as his trunks; his hulking muscles begin to slump, and he passes out! The vet picks up the beast's arm dropping it up and down for a 3 count then falls to the mat himself completely spent from the intense struggle! Round #2 heats up with both titans exchanging brutal belly to belly bearhugs, neck-breaking full nelsons, and crushing rear bearhugs! A final sleeper sends one muscle hunk straight into oblivion! "You're not getting out of this one!"