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How to Watch Thunder TV!! 

Here's a visual guide to help you navigate through your new subscription!



this new password, when you signed up, is for payment management ONLY! Manage your subscription under the 3rd TV tab. as shown in graphic below.



To WATCH Thunder TV videos - use the same password as you use to sign into your store account. 

"My Account" password 

*If you don't have a store account, use the same email as ThunderTV. Your accounts will automatically link up. 



Once you have logged in click the Thunder TV you must enter another NEW password we give you after you logged in.



Once inside ThunderTV the background will be black and you can select categories to navigate by series, or search directly for your favorite wrestlers!



Find your favorite wrestlers by clicking their "name tags" below the video your currently watching.  


 Select membership levels allow you to 

Look for the "download this video" area for the videos you can download and own as your an active member.