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"It's amazing

You get a wide range of different Videos to watch and they are of different variety. And i enjoyed some matches already.

And i can't await to direct my own video.."

Markus S


"This is awesome! I love streaming all the matches right from my phone! They have a great selection of classic matches! I’m a huge fan of Dominic and they have some great matches of his! Overall it’s great and i love al the previews of new matches!"

Peter V


"The Vault continues to impress with loads of hot matches coming up from the archives. A great example this week is a custom video of Scrappy taking on Blayne. Scrappy is short for a wrestler and we often see him up against much taller guys, whose height advantage doesn’t give him a chance. "


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    Active subscribers will have access to download any of the videos inside the vault with a special 40% discount off the retail cost. 

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