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Ajax head scissors Spike arm lock big bicep arms pecs

Ajax vs Spike - Mat Wars 01C

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

    Special 4 Match DVD

    Ajax vs Trent 17 min match
    Ajax vs Bo 23 min match
    Ajax vs Spike 15 min match (most pins wins match college style in singlets)

    This is the one that started it all.  This was our FIRST EVER DVD PRODUCTION.  Ajax was showing Trent how to wrestle one day, when things get totally out of hand.  Ajax just goes nuts and starts to really beat on him, flexing and posing over Tent, just a real dominating jerk.  Then later that day Bo comes over and Ajax attacks him and they do battle, once again Ajax is all attitude tearing into Bo.  Yet, Bo does not take crap from anyone!  He puts up an amazing fight against Ajax with some moves that are pure excitment.  Still, Ajax strange attitude is acting up as he tries to get in a workout with Spike.  This match done freestyle in singlets, most pins wins is not to be missed.  They both get very worked up and sweaty.  Finally Bo and Spike just walk over to help Ajax work on his car when Ajax FREAKS out and rips the tire off the car and smashes it into the hood!  Then turns on his friends and challenges them BOTH to the mat.  The two against one battle is on, and you just gotta get all this GREAT action to see how this works out. Special Features available on this DVD only.  There is outdoor lifting, muscle stunts, bloopers, and much more.