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Ajax victory pose double bicep flex pecs abs

Ajax vs Tony - Mat Wars 02B

$ 30.00

Ajax vs Tony
The most waited for DVD battle has exploded onto our Arena!  An intense match up, serious long held pro moves like camel clutch, bear hugs, and scissor holds of all kinds.  High action body slams, FLYING HEADLOCK throws like you've NEVER seen!  More give and take holds, with lots of suffering as they fight for dominance one hold after another.  Ajax really sticks it to Tony and you wonder how he's going to go on with such a beating, he really worked over those abs in all kinds of ways.  If your a fan of really technical wrestling and like to see a lot of various holds from college guys who wrestle hard, then this is your match you have been waiting for from us! 
This match features Gut Punching, Various Scissor holds, Flying headlock takedowns, Sleeper, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab to name a few holds and moves.