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Angel vs Atom - Mat Rats 46

$ 30.00

Atom is an accomplished wrestler but he wants to up his game so he can be one of the best at Thunders. So he asks Angel if he will be his trainer. Despite his relatively small size, Angel is known as the giant killer, and is one of the toughest and most experienced mat veterans on the Thunders roster. The cocky veteran does not even acknowledge Atom at first, and then tells him to raise his hand if he wants to speak. When Atom finally does, Angel gives him a punch in the gut. When Atom toughs it out and says the punch felt good, Angel gives him a knee to the ribs, telling him he needs to show pain if he wants to make it at Thunders Arena. Continuing Atoms education, he takes the young rookie down to the mat and applies a choke from behind, an arm bar and locks Atoms head and arm in a figure four leg scissors so tight Atoms head turns almost purple. Angel tells Atom he is making it too easy, that he needs to say something and then humiliates him with a noogie. But Atoms got some serious power in his 58 175 lb body, and he gives Angel a little punishment of his own, lifting Angel off the mat with a vice- like belly to belly bear hug. Then the youngster drops Angel to the mat and puts him into a side headlock, telling him Now its your turn to get choked. Angel manages to escape and gives Atom a quick compliment for the hold. Then he punishes the upstart young guy by putting Atom on his back, spreading legs and then planting his feet right in between. With Atom in pain, Angel locks him into a few leg holds and a choke hold, again telling Atom hes making it too easy. When Atom gets to his feet, he tells Angel he was trying to be nice but now he is going to get serious. He lifts Angel in a two handed choke, carrying him around the mat asking him how it feels. Then he lifts Angel over his head in a gorilla press, saying how easy it is before dropping Angel to the mat. When Angel gets to his feet, Atom continues the offense, putting Angel in a stretch, with his head under Atoms leg while pulling Angels arm in the air at the same time. But when they lock up again Angel gets his revenge with a brilliantly executed arm bar, followed by some punishing holds to Atoms left leg and a Boston crab. Then Angel grabs Atom by the neck and puts him against the wall for some gut punches. Although Atom manages to get in some punches to Angels rock hard abs, Angel retaliates with some more punches followed by a forearm smash. With Atom on his back and in pain, cocky Angel sits on his chest, flexes over him and slaps him around a bit. Looking at his own flexed bicep, Angel tells Atom That is fitness right there. Then he drags Atom around the mat and locks on another head and neck scissors that leaves Atom gasping for air. Although Atom taps and says he gives, Angel keeps punishing him with the hold, making poor Atom give at least four times. Then he slaps Atom in the face, telling him hes had enough and releases the hold. As Angel gets to his feet, he tells Atom Maybe you're worthy of Thunders Arena, well see. Then Angel puts his foot on Atoms chest and does some serious victory posing with his lean muscular body. Looking down at Atom, cocky Angel says, This kids done.