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Zman STL body scissors pecs chest arms

Zman vs STL and STL vs Uno - Battle of the Male Models 1

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Zman vs STL

Welcome to Battle of the Male Models Part 1. This is another custom video someone asked us to do that you, the fans get to see into our private vault and enjoy! Uno and STL are both famous award winning male models that have been featured in exercise magazines and swimsuit catalogs. So we were taking photos of them for our marketing people when along comes Zman. He watches the photo shoot and then starts to offer up his personal critic of the guys. This "review" of their modeling and posing skills can be seen when you purchase the video on download or DVD or you can watch it right now on Thunder TV as a member. He belittles and bashes both models right there in front of the photographer, really bad. Well STL finally snaps first and challenges Zman to put up or shut up. STL bearhugs Zman, then picks him up in a fireman's carry. He follows this with a reverse bearhug, then a front bearhug, he keeps on crushing the life out of Zman. STL keeps tormenting Zman with several bone crushing holds like full nelson, camel clutch and then a boston crab. Once you tick off STL he is all rage and tries to hurt you so bad you have to leave the business, so he picks Zman up in a choke lift and carries him around, throws him back onto the mat and puts him in a surfboard. Then he pulls Zman up and reverse bearhugs him, slams him back onto the mat, gut punches him, then chokes him. Zman can barely keep up with these attacks. STL continues to choke lift Zman again, throws him back down, puts him in a boston crab, then legs scissors Zman's head. He follows this by picking Zman up in a fireman's carry, then carries him around on his shoulder. He can't take being a jobber anhy more, Zman gets STL in a choke hold, STL breaks out grabs Zman choke lifts him then smashes him to the mat only to pull him back up into a firemans carry, then drops Zman AGAIN on his head, only to then lift Zman off the mat into an over the knee back breaker. STL continues his torture of finishes Zman with a body scissors while grabbing Zman's fingers trying to twists them off making Zman give like the loser he is as a jobber, NO MERCY!

STL vs Uno

Once STL finishes up dominating Zman he wanders into the living room to get some rest. There he finds Uno watching TV in the family room. Uno makes some crack to about, "Why are you even sweating. It's Zman he's easy to beat up." This leads to them fighting verbally over who the bigger man is size wise until, they both challenge each other to arm wrestling. Which resolves nothing and they quickly take it to the next level and go into the garage to fight it out and prove who the bigger man is and the BEST wrestling male model at Thunder's Arena. Right out of the gate, Uno picks STL up and carries him around on his shoulder. STL bearhugs Uno. then lifts him up. The two lock hands in a battle of mercy and try to make the other submit. Uno puts STL down then jumps on top in a schoolboy pin. STL quickly gets out of it and armbars start flying. Uno counters by put STL in an ankle lock. Uno grabs STL and puts him in a reverse bearhug, which STL gets out of and slams Uno to the mat and gets Uno in a leg scissors. Uno comes up behind STL and grabs him in a standing headlock, then gets him on the mat in an armbar. Both wrestlers grab each other's ankles and have a ankle lock competition. Flexing and sweating showing off their amazing builds. After wrestling around on the mat for a while Uno gives STL a reverse bearhug but STL quickly counters with a body scissors on Uno. Uno grabs STL's arm in a standing armbar, twists STL around until he gets him in a headlock. Uno gets STL up against the garage door and gives him several gut punches. After some wrestling on the mat, Uno has STL in a headlock and decides to pinch STL's nose, followed by a camel clutch on STL, then he gets STL in a surfboard. STL continues his rampage of destruction and domination with a bearhug that leads to a headlock on the mat, then a reverse bearhug. Uno puts STL in a bearhug that doesn't last long,as STL rakes his fingers over Uno's eyes. STL picks Uno up and slams him on the mat, gut punching Uno several times, then picks him up and slams him down again, followed by a painful lock lock, choking and more gut punches that finally makes Uno scream out, "I Give!". Uno's ribs were damaged from all those bearhugs and finally had to medically forfeit the end of the match.