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Ace Hanson Joey Meatball body scissors pecs chest

Ace Hanson vs Joey Meatball & Coupe vs Commando w/Diesel - Battlespace 16

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Ace Hanson vs Joey Meatball


Ace Hanson (aka Eric Reins) has been the pool boy here at Thunder's Arena for a long time. One day Joey Meatball sees him outside cleaning the pool and decides to mess with him. This leads to one of the best matches we have put on film. It is an all out battle between these two bodybuilders, a match where they use there powerful arms in an exchanging of full nelson's and bearhugs. Plus Ace has some massive thighs he likes to try and use to crush Joey Meatball in his body scissors, but finds out too quick that Joey returns the favor and starts crushing him in several body scissors. There is a lot of flexing and attitude in this match as they work to get the other guy to submit. If you like watching real bodybuilders wrestle and flex this is the match for you. It has a lot of back and forth action in it that will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to decide who will win. The battle of the pretty boys is here but it is also a big vs little match too in a lot of ways. Ace Hanson has over 40 pounds on Joey Meatball, plus 2 inches in height so will Joey's wrestling skills win out against such a bigger muscle man? Get this match and find out, you won't be disappointed. This is a 32 min match.

Coupe vs Commando with Diesel

It starts out with Commando and Diesel talking about what is the best diet to follow as a bodybuilder. They talk about how important it is to eat the right stuff and NOT fill your body with refined foods like white bread. Well in comes Coupe with white bread and this just sets off Diesel as to how he could ANY bodybuilder eat white bread, which is crap to build your body on, and how dare he try and give it to his buddy Commando. This leads to a HUGE fight about how could you disrespect Commando, Diesel accuses Coupe of trying to ruin his training, then all kinds of craziness starts and this match is on to become one of our best 2 against one matches. Lots of muscles flexing and straining as Coupe battles off 2 men who are totally out to crush him. There is great number of bearhugs and body scissors plus great rolling around roughhousing moves and many other holds you'll love to watch as these 3 bodybuilders battle it out over white bread. Yep, that's right they fight over white bread...your only going to see that at Thunder's Arena...LOL. This is a 23 min match.