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Mario bulldog bearhug submission hold submit torture lift and carry

Mario vs Bulldog - Battlespace 33

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Bulldogs back and bigger! But Mario, who flew down from New Jersey just for this match, hungry for stiff competition, is unimpressed with the still boyish Bulldog, who he worries may be all bark and no bite. The two men are well matched in build, equal in weight, Mario taller by only a few inches. In ability, however, the Jersey bodybuilder has a decided advantage, having persisted in his wrestling training uninterrupted, while Bulldog has been on hiatus. Still, Bulldog is itching to get right to business and prove he has the makings of an Arena champion. Im not here to mess around, he boasts. I'm not PeeWee. But Mario claims not to know who PeeWee even is, and its soon apparent that Bulldog might have benefited from working his way up gradually to a powerhouse like Mario. The action starts up quickly, with Mario asserting his alpha status by snatching Bulldog up in a spine-crunching bearhug. Having focused only on building muscle mass and not also working on agility and wrestling holds, Bulldog has foolhardily elected to take on Mario, a proven dominator, who has nothing but contempt for the younger wrestler. Crushing bearhugs form the core of Marios assault. And thanks to his superior upper-body strength, Mario's headlocks, clutches, and stretches soon exhaust the under-trained upstart. Obviously resenting being paired with such a bumbling adversary, Mario squashes Bulldog mercilessly and contemptuously. His exasperation and impatience may give the youngster a surprise advantage, but its hard to believe that this fight will have a pretty ending for Bulldog.